Die Welt 2019

Auf die eilige Bitte von Jane McGonigal, die eigene Vision von 2019 zu schreiben (im Rahmen des ARG Superstruct) habe ich folgendes zusammengezimmert (oder schreibt man es mit "ie"?).

2. The future of FOOD

2019: there is a variety of synthetic food everywhere. It is cheap, tasty and not really healthy. The synthefood concerns make aggressive adversions and commercials for this cheap food (some of especially impudent concerns also mix some light addictive drugs, to make their consumers crazy about the synthetic food).

On the other side, a vegetables and natural products are rare, expensive and luxurious because of climatic changes and leaks of natural ressourses. So if I decide what to eat for a dinner, I check my money stand, and also check my state of health - and choice between cheap/unhealthy and

3. The future of ENERGY

Energy market is full of energy sources: portative atomic power plants (which aren't really secured and also cannot be allowed in the flight crafts - due of security problems), solar energy (which is also not so efficient in the times of climatic changes, and after all cannot be recycled without damages for a nature). But the best new energy will be the very old one: kinetic energy. At the beginning it's just a new fashion, new trend: people build in their shoes and their dresses kinetic power systems, so they can load with energy their players and mobile videophones permanently while of walking. But then the industries understand the power of kinetic energy and make many electronic devices based only on this human produced energy. It cannot be useful for the whole home or town energy supply, but for standalone electronic systems it's very efficient. This is the future of the energy: in our very past.

The problem is: ill people, whose movements are limited, cannot provide this energy sources. But they will be escorted by Humengenicans ("human energy generators"). It will open new job market for everybody who can move, because people, even if they haven't skills for difficult work, can just move and produce energy. It isn't slavery, they can everytime escape this job and look for another work. But many people will be professionally Humengenicans, because of simpliness of their tasks - and because of high acceptance in the society.

4. The future of SECURITY

Internet is not like we had it 2008. Business world found new ways to comunicate, and internet isn't such powerful and supported anymore. But people are always connected, and sometimes they cannot really disconnect themselfes from the system. Unfortunately due to many terroristic activities government have to implant to every new born child a chip to trace the activities of this growning potential criminal (governments over the world will see in every citizen potential crininal). It won't be so easy to removal this chip: very unhealty (chip is build very deep in human organism), and illegal (people without chips will be immediately arrested after they will be found with "non-chip-detectors"). But there are many people who want to live in underground, they will escape from big cities into the rest of the nature and build there their own communities (Thoreau is their ideal). Governmental forces are overloaden with crime problems in big cities, so they let people in the nature live their own lifes. Of course, they send to these Thoreau-esk communities their spies to spike their terroristic plans against big cities. 2019 is unfortunately under the sign of mistrust between people...

5. The future of SOCIETY

Even if mistrust is the major mood of the society, there are also many new ways to bring some harmonic developments to the societies: with the art, with the culture. Everybody is involved in various art actions and societies, art is so highly respected in the society, that everybody want to be included in the main cultural development. It is the new Renaissance of the arts - with new ways and new ideas.

The art is perhaps the only way that keep the society 2019 far away from global slaughter. Sure, there are many ways to understand the art and the seeing of the world. It can be very controversial. But people of 2019 understand, that every cultural differencies they can handle in an intellectual/creative way.

And there are many ARG projects. Already after 2008 people understood, such communicative cooperative society game can bring very different people together. There are so many arts and genres of ARG, so we can compare it with literature. People want to participate, so Alternate Reality Games is the future of our entertainment (and are not a plain entertainment, but productive and creative human cooperation).

Was denkt Ihr darĂ¼ber?
Hierhin hab ich's abgeschickt:
Schreibt doch Jane auch, wie Ihr die Welt 2019 sieht (basiert auf ihren Fragen).