Cloverfield: Kishin, Part 2


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Translation: me (Kosmopol)
Status: finished

Please note the reading way: firstly read the right site, after that the left site.

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I hope, it's copyright legal to post the fan-translation of a free ebook...
Dear Mr. Paramount and Kadokawa-san, if you are against it, you can send me a message, but please don't send me a lawyer.
P.P.S. My translation could be lame in some ways. So please if you find some mistakes, feel free to report it me, I'll correct my translation. Not only translation mistakes, but also my English mistakes.


Thanks for the translation! I love Cloverfield.
Anonymous said…
last few lines on page 23 are untranslated.
theos said…
Космополище, скажи, пожалуйста, что Сасахара говорит в конце 23 файла?:)
Anonymous said…
I'll be gratefull my whole existence for this XD
Anonymous said…
you forgot to translate most of page 45 :(
Anonymous said…
you're missing half of the comic. i know because i've seen it. there is an image of the monster in silouette form. now where would i find that at? would it be in issue 3 or do you need help finding it? i'm not being a smart ass. i know what is missing.
Der Merzmensch said…
I used all screens of all sites published on the official homepage of Kadokawa.

Dennis from also has these screens:

If you find something missing here, I'd be glad to know it :-)

Anonymous said…
thank you kind sir
Der Merzmensch said…
You are welcome! ^^
Anonymous said…
This is so cool!
On the 13th image of the 2nd part, you said mouses. The english plural of mouse is mice. Keep up the great work! ^_^
Anonymous said…
on the 14th image of the 2nd part, I think, "This is not a training" sounds more smoothly worded as, "This is not a drill"
Der Merzmensch said…
Thank you for correction. If I'll have time, I'll update my translations. (^^)v
Semma said…
Hey thank you for the manga and the translation!
Der Merzmensch said…
You are wellcome, my friend!