Slusho! Ingredients

Ich habe bei Unfiction die Analyse von Slusho! gestartet, daher der nächste Post auf very miserable Englisch:

OK, the analyse of Dr. Abe and his Ravaille Research Center got some achievements about the ingredients of Slusho!

I've looked up in wiki and other sources and asked my good friend who has good knowledge in food chemistry, and here the first informations about the ingredients of Slusho listed in the report of Dr. Abe.

If you have some knowledge or corrections about these ingredients, write it down, and I'll update this list.

At first, in the ingredient list of Dr. Abe there aren't any concentration data, so various concentration may cause various consequences.

Seabed‘s Nectar (‘kaitei no mitsu”)
=> this is naturally a key ingredient from "Cloverfield" universe, so about it we haven't any scientifical information till the next report of Dr. Abe

Carbonated water,
=> just mineral, "sparkling" water like they use it in usual drinks

=> sweetener and energy for organism, used in usual drinks

sodium citrate,
=> flavour and preservative, used in usual drinks

vitamin [C? aka ascorbic acid]
=> vitamin C is most used vitamin in usual drinks, so perhaps it is really C

=> here we come! My friend says, D-pantothenol in a drink is absolutely in the wrong place, usually it is used for medicaments and cremes as health protector and healer element. The only drink I know using D-pantothenol is Boo Koo, which has similiar ingredient list with Slusho. D-pantheol occurs inter alia in beeswax!
So here we have perhaps one of touch points of Bold futura and Tagruato with ParafFUN!

citric acid,
=> come also almost in every drink

=> also in very wrong place. It isn't used in foods at all.
But: it has a connection with Gozilla, read this:
Akira Ifukube, who wrote and composed the music to numerous Godzilla films, also created Godzilla's roar by rubbing a resin-covered leather glove over the loosened strings of a double bass. (ok, it redirects to "Resin")
Who knows, perhaps our Cloverfield monster is roaring in the similiar way???

=> also used in various kind of foods

sucrose acetate isobutyrate,
=>stabilizer, is synthetically produced,
used in drinks as weighting agent,
but it is disadvised to consume it in huge dosis
can cause allergical reactions
here the German site I used:

"However, no recommendation was made for an acceptable daily intake by man."

phosphoric acid,
=> used in popular drinks (like Coke), but isn't healthy (like Coke)

carob bean gum,
=>made from Carob tree (it is speculating [not proved] about Carob tree as a cancer "pathogen"),
is used e.g. for preventing regurgitation by children
in medicine
and also in various drinks and foods

potassium benzoate
=> can be synthetised, but in nature it occurs in... honey! (other ParafFUN! connection?)
Like this German Page
it is preservative, but not such healthy, e.g. for small animals, like cats, it is poicon even in small dose.

After other sources, its combination with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) produces benzol, which causes cancer. And: benzoate occurs in some drinks we drink, people.

So, these are the things I've got drom our researches. If you want to add something, feel free to comment, I'll update it.

P.S. I fear, these thread could be deleted - not by Paramount, but by various drink producers, because of the whole unhealthy details,