Cloverfield: It's gadget time!

I've already mentioned in Unfiction Forum about a Cloverfield postcard, available only in Japan.
Now I have it. It looks cool and a little bit macabre.

Here I took two videos of it.

Yesterday, as I've got it (I saw parallel LOST). It was evening and light wasn't enough, but I was too eager to wait till next day.

And the next day was great weather, so this quality is better:

Here is the scanned forefront. Well, it's a little bit nonsense to scan the lenticular printing.

And the back:

On the back side you can find the QR code:

According official Japanese site ( you are able to hear original monsters roaar. Well, I've decoded the code with an QR-Code emulation for Windows and it brought me only the mobile website, but I can't get to this page with my mobile phone. Does anybody can?

Btw, the design reminds me my X-Mas postcard I've sent to Unfiction friends last year.