West Unfictionopia

Es wird ein neues Land gegründet - West Unfictionopia!
Der Emperor McNuts hat sich nämlich am 19. Februar im Unfiction_Chat gemeldet. Und fragte nach Hilfe.

Das Land brauche neue Leute, frische Ideen und alles, was ein Staat an sich braucht. Ich habe mich als ein Minister der Kunst beworben, ich hoffe, ich werde bald auf der Liste der Beschäftigten erscheinen.

Nun gibt es schon vieles zu machen, zum Beispiel, eine Flagge zu entwerfen. So habe ich folgende Frage entworfen.

Und hier mein Konzept:

The speciality of this concept is, the map can be (and will) always be developed. At the moment (February 24th, 2009) the map is generated of all 33 icons of people, who wrote (till now) in the Unfiction Thread West Unfictionopia. Unfortunately some people don't have a userpic till now, so they are only silently mentioned in this flag. So it could encourage them to make their Userpic. Every time, say 2-3 time per week I will update this flag in all eternities with new userpics of all people, who wrote in that thread.

The Philosophy of this flag is - from far away you can see the glorious name of West Unfictionopia, but if you come in the nearest distance to the flag you can discover yourself on this mosaic. And this is the best way to show the integration of all citizens of West Unfictionopia. There are many uses of the Userpics, so the quantity or quality (some userpics are used often, some not) have absolutely no significance and will be changed with every new member, who will enrich the flag palette and country's society. Metaphoric for every society nowadays.

I send to Emperor my admission as a Minister of Arts, so if I could get it, I would open a festival of "Flag actualization", or Saint Civil Perpetualization. It could happen every week, or one time per month, or (unlikely, one time per year) - in this day, all new incomers will be perpetuated in the holy flag of West Unfictionopia. It will be initiation of newcomers and integration in our society.


UPDATE. Kosmopol is now Minister of Arts!


As usual, I'm too late to get my avator into the cool flag that Merzmensch creates!!

Seriously, really cool flag though!
Der Merzmensch said…
No problem. Just post in Unfiction thread, and I'll add your userpic.