Mysteries of the Universe: Episode 1, Entschlüsselungsversuch

Bereits die erste Episode der ominösen Serie ist voller Hinweise und Dokumente. Ich versuche es soweit es möglich ist, zu entziffern.
Zunächst kommen Interferenzen, die noch zu entziffern sind.

Nun kommen die unzähligen Dokumente.

Invoice von der Firma ...V/WAKY
Waky Radio?

The UFO looks a little bit like this one:

or this one:


Dharma Initiative logo

Something about "Bike Rally"?..

Malinow & Silvermann:
Jewish Funeral Directors

Falls jemand noch etwas erkennen kann, schreibt bitte hier in Kommentaren.
If you'll find something else in these pictures, feel free to write about it in comments.


Zort70 said…
Good work in grabbing all these screenshots, I'm sure there is something significant in all ofthis.
Der Merzmensch said…
Thank you, Zort70,

I cannot wait for another episodes :-)
And I suppose, we have to grab deeper in this one - I've just broken my head at the distorted text in the first noise sequence.
Zort70 said…
Now I'm sure I've been looking at this way too long and have much sleep to catch up on, however :-

On the WAKY radio page, there is a photo on page 3 of the photo's section with a name of a DJ called 'John Locke'.

Also on page 4 there is something that ties in with the Lospedia translation of the heiroglyphs on the Kia Mysteries of the Universe advert. Please have a look and make your own minds up !
Der Merzmensch said…
Oh how cool! You rock!
There is also a text about UFOS. It seems, staff of the radio were looking for UFOS there...

And you're right about hyeroglyphs.

The coded message from Mysteries is
"Who is the Leader ?"

The message from
is "The Weird Beard is my leader. I will have no other leaders before him"

Now I just have to research this page!
Capcom said…
"I want to believe", heheh.
Der Merzmensch said…
Yes, it was my first thought as I saw the UFO :-)