2000th post an Unfiction.

Today I have another kind of Birthday :-)

Anyway, this my 2.000 post an Unfiction I want - at this time - dedicate to all the players.

It's really great experience to play with and along with oll Unfictionists. This is not just an temporal cool entertainment. Unfiction with all great friends became my second homeland, my second (and actually multiple) reality.

Thank you to everybody for beeing nice and rude, intelligent and trolly, acting and lurking, thank you people. You are awesome. Everybody, who inhabits this forum - even if you never posted here.

And I want to reserve a small nice room with view on the sea here in this wonderful alternate reality - and real alternative for everything.

Thank you. Vielen Dank. Спасибо. ありがとう。

Yours, kosmopol aka Merzmensch


Capcom said…

Did you see that the third Lost Mysteries film is out? Lots of creepy DHARMA information on it. Watch it at the usual place, LostARGs.

We miss your input over there too! :-)
Der Merzmensch said…
Oh thank you! I actually was a little bit out of there, but now I just HAVE to watch it :-)
And of course I'll be back :-)

Cu over there :-) and here.