Mysteries of the Universe: Part 2. Analyse

The video begins with a noise, which could have some meaning or significance. Later, there is another noise.


Perhaps we cann collect the puzzle of these noises only after the last video, like the puzzle in every episode.

Here some another screens:

University of Las Vegas.
The blooming trees look almost like Smoke Monster, even if white.

Japanese looking building.

The Annual ΑΦΣ costume street fest.


Area 51

Area 51 and "Incident occured here"

Disappearing. In background: カラ[オケ] - Karaoke
This disappearing is surely only metaphor for the really disappearings all over the world.

Missing posters.

Do you remember the tests of John Locke? Richard Alpert came many times to him and tested him. And one day, as John Locke choose the knife, Richard Alpert was shocked.

Now what if Richard Alpert tested John Locke parallel with Dharma Initiative? He found John, and then he saw, John is actually the right person. That's why Richard had this weird reaction.

This is Olivia Godspeed (thanx to Lostargs and Docarzt for information). We saw her once outer island (as Ben was born) and later on the island (he was teaching children about volcano)

Neat infogram.


Rorschach test (Dharma used it very active)

Among many questions we can see "Who is your constant"? Since we know, constants (as like as variables) are important not to get lost in the time travel (as Daniel Faraday proved it), it's really nice question.

The questions remind me on the Dharma Tests from the previous story "Dharma Whants You", so it fits very well to the concept of Dharma Initiative seeking for new members and testing them.


Capcom said…
Very nice! And good work on the captures.

I would be surprised if there was not something in that Rorschach test. It also looks like the inside of one of those kaleidescopes where the little pieces of glass fall around the mirrors at the end to make images. It doesn't look like the regular folded ink blot type, really. That doesn't necessarily mean anything though.

And you're right, the house does look like it has pagoda type roofing.
Der Merzmensch said…
Thank you for reply :-)

Indeed, there could be something in the Rorschach test picture. I'll analyse it too.
Capcom said…
I'm sure this doesn't mean anything, but now that I look at it again, that campus image looks more like the campus at Vassar college than at UNLV, but it's been a very long time since I was in Las Vegas.

I hope that we can find something in these soon. The top image of the static almost looks like it's got a word in it, like tracy or something similar. Or like word verification letters that don't mean anything. :-)
sawyer840 said…
Hi, I have some additional information about what is shown in the Mysteries videos. Perhaps you like to check it out?

Feel free to check out the other things too!
Der Merzmensch said…

Interesting note, I hope, actually, it's more than just a noise :-)


Thank you, very informative! I added the blog to my feed :-)