Super8: Erster Chat

Der Chat lief - und wir haben einen Verdacht.

Hier ist der Skript:
***chat session '2010-10-21' initiated***
***Host has joined***
***Guest1 has joined***
[Guest1]: hello?
[Host]: good. this is more secure
[Guest1]: who are you?
[Host]: i can help to find your father
[Host]: he needs your help
[Guest1]: that doesnt make sense
[Guest1]: ive never met him
[Guest1]: how do you know him?
[Host]: I'm here to help you find your father
[Guest1]: Is hein trouble or soemthing?
[Host]: Those items you were asking abou: the oney your mother left you: some of them may
have belonged to your father they may be important
[Guest1]: important how?
[Host]: tyell me exactly what they are
[Guest1]: that scrap of film from the canister
[Guest1]: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks like a hangar?
[Guest1]: and a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
[Host]: Is there anything inside the cylinder?
[Guest1]: no it's empty
[Guest1]: why?
[Host]: is that everything?
[Guest1]: i think so
[Host]: please look again. I believe he may have hidden something that will help us find him
[Host]: i'll share more of what i have and maybe it will help you
[Guest1]: i didn't understand what you sent before. this is crazy
[Host]: please look now. i'll be back when it's safe
[Guest1]: buthow will i know it if i find it?
***Host has left***
***Guest1 has left***
***chat session '2010-10-21' terminated***
Was wir nun wissen:
  • Joshs Vater braucht seine Hilfe
  • Mystero antwortet keine Fragen
  • Die Erbsachen von Joshs Eltern sind überaus wichtig und beinhalten Hinweise auf den Standort seines Vaters
  • Mystero ist der Inhaber von
  • Es gibt da ein altes Foto irgendwelcher Männer vor dem Hangar
    und ein geerbtes Kanister (!) mit drei Punkten (die Bedeutung dieser Information ist mir zunächst unklar)
Und die Frage erscheint immer plausibler: ist der Mystero eventuell... der Vater von Josh?