Super8: Entstehungsgeschichte von Rocket Poppeteers

Und jetzt, liebe Kinder, eine Gute-Nacht-Geschichte. Über Entstehung von Rocket Poppeteers. Über Höhen und Tiefen der Familie Frotsky. Über die Zukunft? Denn die Webseite verrät uns endlich einiges.

The magic of Rocker Poppeteers began in Minot, ND on one chilly Tuesday in 1958 with husband and wife team of Ralph and Ruby Frostsky. Ralph, an ex-Air Force pilot, and Ruby, a confectioner originally from Cooper Landing, Alaska, wanted to give back to their hard-working, loyal community.

Using Ruby’s confectionary skills, Ralph decided to give the children of Minot something so delicious they would feel like they were “flying to the moon!”

That spring, the Frostskys distributed homemade ice pops out of their garage to local area patriots. Their flavor-filled delights were an instant sensation and, in early 1959, the Frostskys decided to expand.

The Frostskys migrated their business to a local Minot factory, producing more ice pop varieties and the prototype for their now-classic Rocket Poppeteers ice pops. With the birth of their son, Donald, the Frostskys were inspired to take the brand to new heights.

The introduction of Captain “Coop” Cooper and his battle against Red Cozmo helped launch Rocket Poppeteers’ sales into the stratosphere. The Frostskys had finally realized their American dream.

Rocket Poppeteers’ sales continued to skyrocket over the next two decades, as Ralph supplied his heroic Air Force friends with the frozen treats necessary to win a Cold War, and as Ruby and Donald restructured production to maximize efficiency, fun and deliciousness.

Did you know that Donald Frostsky’s favorite flavor is Cherry Brain Blast?

What’s your favorite flavor?

In the spring of 1980, after an unfortunate incident at the factory, the Frostskys decided to close the doors of Rocker Poppeteers and focus on raising their family. The factories were all shuttered, machines intact, and the business quietly slipped from the public eye.

However, observant children knew that the threat of Red Cozmo was far from over and captain “Coop” Cooper may need then again one day.

If the Frostky’s Minot factory can make 11,400 Rocket Poppeteers ice pops per hour, how many ice pops can they make per minute?

Per day?

Per year?

In 2010, Rocket Poppeteers welcomed a highly unexpected resurgence of interest from loyal cadets far and wide and reactivated its factories with a mission to inspire a new generation of children.

Introducing a brand new patriotic flavor to its beloved Super Speedflier Fleet, Rocket Poppeteers quickly assumed its former glory as a champion in the industry. Today, Rocket Poppeteers has factories in six states, and over 200 mobile trucks operating around the country.

Rocket Poppeteers is proud to remain a mom and “pop” owned and operated business to this day, currently under the caring and watchful eye of Donald Frostsky.
  • Rocket Poppeteers hat als ein Familienunternehmen 1958 angefangen - und hatte personalmässig ihre Wurzeln im Ex-Militär-Bereich
  • Familie Ralph und Ruby Frostsky, und später ihr Sohn Donald waren Leiter dieses patriotisch gesinnten Unternehmens - vor dem Hintergrund des Kalten Krieges (Red Cozmo = Metaphor für Sowjets?)
  • Die Ganze Geschichte ist als typische American-Dream-Propaganda ausgelegt
  • Im Frühling 1980 passierte etwas tragisches, dass Frostskys die Eis-Produktion stoppten und sich auf Familie konzentrierten. Was ist da geschehen?
  • Nun geschieht etwas wie ein Revival von Rocket Puppeteers - die Fabriken sind in 6 Staaten aufgebaut, und über 200 RP-Trucks fahren durch das Land (haben wir bereits gesehen)
Die Frage ist, wenn der Kampf gegen Red Cozmo, auch jetzt nach dem Kalten Krieg fortgesetzt werden soll... dann wen verkörpert Red Cozmo nun tatsächlich?..

Mit Grüssen von Minot, ND.